Here’s our NEW CONDENSING OIL BOILER – TRO EVOLUTION KITCHEN – FITS UNDER COUNTER, ONLY 400MM WIDE, SERVICE FROM THE FRONT. This belongs to our new generation of boilers that respond to users’ requirements in terms of energy-saving and ecological concerns while preserving optimal comfort and reliability. It offers:-
• POWER OPTIONS: 20 and 30 kW


Following a few years out of the oil boiler market Trianco are bouncing back with a revolutionised TRO range which not only looks sleek but is super efficient with a A rating in both heating and DHW production.

Advantages of the TRO Evolution range:-
* A cast Iron heat exchanger with 12 year warranty
* Easy Accessibility to the Heat Exchanger/Combustion chamber.
* Our condensing unit is located in the back of the heat exchanger, instead of inside of it.* Trianco is one of the only manufacturers that has A rating in both heating and DHW production. 

* All Trianco oil boilers use a Trianco own burner. The biggest advantage of this is that each burner is specifically sized for the boiler model that it will be fitted to. All burners have pre heaters and are capable of burning 35 Sec oil. * All our parts are independent and much more price competitive. Also pressure checking in our burner can be made from the oil line with a pressure Gauge. The motor in the Trianco burner is more powerful, allowing us to have longer flue lengths (up to 15m in some cases). All of the components used in our boiler are universal – Danfoss oil pump; Siemens control box; Danfoss nozzle
* Instantaneous DHW – Our boiler operates with two pumps. The pump used for the DHW has the power to modulate the DHW, therefore modulating its power to the hot water required temperature.* 110 Cº thermostat – The boiler has a 110ºC thermostat cut out in the condenser. If a higher temperature than this is reached, the burner will cut out automatically. This allows us to make some of the flue componenets in plastic.

Our new TRO Evolution Oil Boiler range will soon be available through independent merchants. Contact us by email [email protected] or telephone 0114 257 2300 if you would like more information or need to find your nearest stockist.

New improved features join the range of Greenflame ECO boilers including a newly introduced external models. ECO’s now feature the superbly designed IGNEO SLIM, a state of the art controller that gives the homeowner ultimate boiler control. Thanks to Igneo’s advanced algorithm there are a number of system set ups, reports and logs on offer […]