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Trianco History and Tradition


George Newton and Thomas Chambers entered into a partnership that would result in   the founding of one of England's largest industrial companies of that era, Newton,   Chambers & Co


The Newton Chambers Light Castings Department (oldest of the company’s businesses)   was engaged mainly in the manufacture of heating and cooking appliances.

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Newton Chambers first made coal fire ranges at Thorncliffe in Sheffield – The stove   included two ovens at the top, with a plate rack between, a large hot-plate for frying,   stewing and grilling and at the bottom, on either side of the fire two “hot closets”.




George Newton and Thomas Chamber were partners in the Phoenix foundry at Snow Hill,   Sheffield and along with Henry Longden they signed a lease to extract coal and ironstone   from the Thorncliffe valley. The partners set up works on the Thorncliffe site to the north   of Sheffield. The company built The Thorncliffe Ironworks.

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Fireplaces, back boilers and free standing stoves production followed under the “Redfyre”   trademark and the company was awarded the royal warrant to the late Queen Mother.


The company were not only mining coal and ironstone but building blast furnaces, coke ovens and chemical plant employing nearly 8,000 people. Heavy section iron, cast in the foundry was used in two iconic structures:
Tower Bridge, crossing the river Thames, London and the Eddystone Lighthouse, South West England.


By-products of the making of coke for the blast furnaces at Thorncliffe were gases, tars and oils. By the beginning of the 1890s a germicidal disinfectant had been developed from the oils and in 1893 this was patented as Izal. The product was soon available not only in liquid form, but also as powder, soap, cream and ointment. Perhaps their best-known product was the famous Izal medicated toilet paper.

Guard Against Infection


Aerial view of Thorncliffe Iron Works and Thorncliffe Colliery.


Thorncliffe works came under the control of the Admiralty. A new workshop was constructed at Warren Lane, a short distance away from the Thorncliffe works, which was used to build army vehicles and became the largest manufacturer of Churchill tanks for the war effort.


Company pioneer domestic oil fired boilers and it was probably the first with an oil combi boiler. Below photograph of the factory.


Redfyre marketing from the 1950s



Acquired Trianco Stewart, a small oil boiler manufacturer, and thus Trianco-Redfyre was born.


Newton Chambers was taken over by Central & Sheerwood in 1973, the Izal assets, were pre-sold   at a price equivalent to the purchase price of the whole group to Sterling-Winthrop. This   experience was published under “The fall and rise of the Newton Chambers group” The company   carried on as Trianco Redfyre following the collapse and break up of Newton Chambers.



Trianco is the umbrella brand for a variety of heating products ranging from solid fuel, oil and electric boilers,   together with defra approved multi fuel stoves and cylinders.

Trianco now boasts the largest range of accredited biomass boilers, air blowers and pellet stoves across the   United Kingdom serving the domestic and commercial market. The hugely successful biomass Greenflame   boiler range complete with optional storage solutions remains the United Kingdom’s most popular biomass   boiler product.

Today Trianco remains proud to be one of the last British heating product manufacturers as well as having   diversified to offer carefully selected and exclusive UK distributed product, such as the renowned Grizzly brand.