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Sealed condensing oil heating boiler

TRO Evolution Combi Brochure

TRO Evolution Combi Installation Manual

The TRO EVOLUTION COMBI range of boilers is a new generation of products whose main feature is excellent performance, providing major energy savings for consumers.

This is obtained by making use of the combustion gas condensation effect, achieving up to 30% savings compared to conventional boilers.




Condensing technology is used to achieve a performance of 103% of the LHV, achieving major savings with respect to sealed boilers.


The boilers in this range are equipped with an electronic system that modulates the DHW circulating pump so that the consumption temperature is stabilised regardless of the water flow required and the boiler inlet water temperature. This means the boiler can work with a low chamber temperature and lower fume temperatures, and makes better use of the latent heat of the combustion fumes.


The design of this range and its complete set of features make for quick, easy installation by a professional installer.

As the boiler does not use the air from the room it is located in, it can even be installed in rooms without ventilation.

The fumes can be removed through gas outlet pipes, with no need for an external chimney, reducing installation costs.


The boiler body and enclosures are equipped with highly efficient sound insulation, and the burner is of the sealed type, which means very quiet functioning.

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