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Trianco responding to the market needs, regarding savings, ecology and ease of use and installation has developed a new range of high performance oil boilers, for outdoor installations achieving space savings on the inside of the house.



The boiler´s high efficiency , certified according to European ERP directive, with a A rated energy qualification , guarantees the lowest fuel consumption in its category.


The effective acoustic isolation of the body and the boiler housing, as well as the use of an airtight burner, converts this boiler into one of the quietest on the market.


The TRO EVOLUTION COMBI OUTDOOR boiler is equipped with a modulating DHW production system which lets us stabilize the DHW temperature and adjust the selection with the dial on the control panel, independently of the necessary water flow and the temperature of the incoming cold water at any time.

The modulation also allows the continuous adaptation of the power of the boiler and the requirements of hot water consumption at any time, letting the boiler work at lower temperatures. This way, cold returns can be achieved and therefore low smoke temperatures even for producing hot water taking advantage of the latent heat to reduce consumption.


The heat exchanger of the boiler is made of cast iron which ensures its long life.


The TRO EVOLUTION COMBI OUTDOOR permits the reduction of contaminating CO2 emissions, contributing to the reduction of the greenhouse effect, thanks to the condensation technology which takes advantage of the condensation effect, it is necessary to reduce the temperature of the combustion gases under the dew point. test

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