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Sealed condensing cast iron oil heating boiler

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The TRO EVOLUTION INC. DHW ACCU range of boilers is a new generation of products whose main feature is excellent performance, providing major energy savings for consumers.

This is obtained by making use of the combustion gas condensation effect, achieving up to 30% savings compared to conventional boilers.

This version also includes a 130-litre stainless steel hot water tank for a simultaneous supply of plentiful domestic hot water at several points of consumption.



Condensing technology is used to achieve a performance of over 103% of the LHV, which means major savings with respect to sealed boilers.


The 130-litre hot water tank is made entirely of stainless steel, an extremely hard-wearing material. It requires no magnesium anode, avoiding costly inspection and maintenance operations for the domestic hot water tank.


The TRO EVOLUTION INC. DHW ACCU thermal unit is supplied totally assembled and with the fullest equipment on the market, including:
a) Hot water expansion tank and safety unit.
b) Brass dielectric sleeves
c) Dual pump hydraulic system
d) Automatic dual safety drain valves

All sockets are easily accessible from the side of the boiler, for simple, quick and safe installation.


This thermal unit includes numerous systems to ensure correct functioning and a long product lifetime (“no water” safety, pump block, anti-inertia, anti-frost, legionnaire’s disease prevention, etc.)

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