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Apex Renewable Energy Surveys are the UK’s leading provider of air and ground source heat pump, solar PV, battery storage and EV charging point installation surveys and system design proposals, covering the pre-installation requirements of a huge range of installers in England, Scotland and Wales.

After over forty thousand surveys and over fifty years of collective experience of working with renewable heating systems, Apex know exactly what to look for, and exactly where to look for it.

They provide industry leading, award winning in-depth technical surveys for Renewable Heating including Air Source Heat Pump Installations.

Aftercare and guidance is important to Apex and Trianco, together we will set up private WhatsApp groups with all of our installer clients, allowing you to communicate directly with administration and design teams with any questions or queries, cutting out hold times over the phone.

Just like Trianco, Apex's expert industry knowledge is second to none, with a support network dedicated to help you get the most out of your installations.


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What's Included?

- Complete Floor Plans

Using manual and digital measuring methods, Apex surveyors measure every part of the property, both inside and out, to ensure that any heat loss calculations are as accurate as possible.
With the floor plans, you have a presentable, digital footprint that is exactly to scale.

- A Technical Survey

Apex surveys are renowned across the industry for being highly detailed and highly accurate, without the time-consuming commitment.
Complete with 360 photos, extensive video walkthroughs of the property, and the floor plans, you have a complete overview of everything you need to know about the property prior to installation.

- A New/Draft EPC

As standard, a draft EPC is populated with every survey completed. Need access to funding? No problem; Apex's qualified DEA's can also provide pre-measure and post-measure draft EPC's for you to display rating improvements to your customer, and for you provide accurate running costs to your customer prior to your installation.

- MCS Compliance Documentation

- Aftercare and Guidance

- Recommended ASHP unit & DHW cylinder size