Aztec Classic


  • The boiler does not have a Green power light.

Check your circuit breaker has not tripped. Contact your installer or local engineer to check if the boiler has power.


  • The boiler has a Solid Red Light showing on the front panel.

This is usually because the internal High Limit Thermostat has been activated due to the water temperature exceeding 100°C. Please contact your installer or local engineer.

Other issues can cause a solid red light – Please consult the Installation Manual for further details


  • The boiler does not have an Amber light.

Check the Heating and hot water controls are turned on and calling for heat.


  • The boiler has a Flashing Red light.

This could mean the boiler is running at a reduced out put, whilst safe to do so it could mean the property might not warm up as it should. Please contact your installer or local engineer.


  • The boiler works for heating but not hot water (or vice versa)

This is a problem with the system controls. Usually one of the motorised valves has failed and will need replacing.