Aztec Mini


  • The hot water from the Mini combination boiler does not get as hot as expected.

Make sure the boiler has a flow restrictor fitted on the cold water supply to the boiler, this will slow the water down flowing through the boiler and help increase the water temperature at the tap.


  • The boiler display shows F6

This is due to insufficient water flow around the heating system. Usually due to air in the system or a poorly designed heating system. Check to make sure the system has a by-pass valve. Contact your installer if unsure.


  • The boiler display is blank.

Check your circuit breaker has not tripped. Contact your installer or local engineer to check if the boiler has power. Have the installer check the internal High Limit thermostat on the main heat exchanger. this might have activated due to the system water being too high.


  • The Mini combination boiler produces hot water but the heating does not work.

Check the boilers display has the power symbol illuminated in the top left hand corner. Press the power button on the boiler display to turn the boiler on. Make sure the heating controls are calling for heat and TC is illuminated on the boiler display.


  • The Mini combination boiler works for heating but will not produce hot water. The display shows that it is working.

This could be due to the internal hot water High Limit thermostat being activated. Please contact your installer or local engineer.


  • Can the Mini combination boiler be used in a property with a bath.

The Mini combination boiler is not designed to fill a bath, consider using the Maxi Combination boiler.


  • I have a Garden room and would like to fit a Mini Combination boiler to be able to heat the room and get hot water to a sink and shower.

Most Garden rooms will take the power supply from the main property, check with your electrician and see if you have enough spare capacity on the main electrical supply. The boiler will require around 50-53 amps of power.