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  • Sunamp Thermino 300 Electric PV Ready
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Delivery Information:-

Delivery is to Kerb side only.

The customer is responsible to move the unit from the kerbside

Sunamp Heat Batteries are extremely heavy and additional equipment such as a pallet truck might be required to move the unit.


Thermino ePV – A direct cylinder alternative that delivers hot water more efficiently from solar PV. Grid electricity provides greater flexibility when needed.

PV ready heat batteries optimise self consumption of electricity generated for free. For even greater flexibility, Thermino ePV heat batteries use off peak electricity from the grid to top up the charge automatically when required.

The Thermino ePV can also keep costs down by pre-heating water for a combi boiler or it can be used as a highly efficient stand-alone water heater to ensure instant, mains pressure hot water for all household taps and showers. 

Super-compact to free up valuable storage space and are the ideal replacement for traditional vented and unvented hot water cylinders and hot water only thermal stores.

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